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This reminder helps our Association to pay for the mailing of the newsletter and help with our reunions. We ask for a modest payment of $15 per year but if you can contribute more, it will help us in the planning and the costs of our biannual reunions. Put your dues in the mail today. Your contributions are welcomed and appreciated.


Jan2019 oneIt is not our policy to start the New Year’s off with some sad news but one of the most influential members of our Association has passed away. Robert “Bob” Paulter of Evansville, Illinois passed away at 2:20 am on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. If you have attended any of our reunions, you would have met Bob. Bob has made every reunion with his wife Brenda since the Association formed in 1988. In the formation of the Association, Bob and Bob Harris formed the USS John W Thomason Association and held their first reunion in Illinois.

On three occasions, Bob has hosted the reunion to ensure that the shipmates of the USS John W Thomason met and enjoyed their friendship. You would always see Bob and Brenda talking to everyone at each reunion. At our last reunion, Bob spent a lot of his time in the hospitality room talking to Dr Tom Cole, John W Thomason’s nephew. As it is customary, the Association will present a plaque to the Navy Memorial in Bob’s name. It is our intent at the next reunion to dedicate a portion of the reunion to memory of all of the work that Bob has done for us. We are sadden by his lost but grateful that he became our friend and shipmate. "Fair winds and following seas" to our friend, shipmate, and a great human being.


Reunion Information

In September, 2018, the Association held our reunion in San Antonio, TX at the Holiday Inn in downtown area. The hotel was about one-half block away from the famous River Walk which many of us had the opportunity to spend most of our day shopping and experiencing the TEX-MEX cuisine. Thanks to Al and Karen Telck for putting together a memorable experience.

Jan2019 twoIn our hospitality room, we had the opportunity for Col. John W Thomason’s nephew to exhibit memorabilia of Mr Thomason. Lots of his World War 2 items were displayed on several tables for us to see including his rifle, sword, and battle helmet. As usual with all of our reunions, we had snacks and beverages while sitting at tables and talking about our days in the Navy aboard the Thomason. We took numerous pictures with Col. Thomason’s guns and sword, many of which is shown on our website at Take time to look at this site and see some of the guys you may have been aboard with.

Friday night was our dinner night. The Association made arrangements with Barriba Cantina for us to dine in their upstairs banquet room. We had access to a balcony overlooking the River. It was a short walk down the street to the cantina where we enjoyed lots of buffet food and drinks. This meal was included in the registration fee for an evening with friends and shipmates.

Jan2019 threeOur banquet was a meal of buritos and lots of fun. Our guest speaker was Dr Tom Cole and his sister played the organ. Quite unusual, we had sing alongs coupled with lots of past history of the Thomason family. After Dr Cole entertained us, we had our usual raffle. If you have never been to one of our reunions, this is always the highlight and the last event of the weekend. Everyone brings a gift from home to donate to the raffle. Some are made and some are purchased. We display them during the week so everyone can see what they have a chance to win. The ladies auxillary sell tickets for this raffle and you can purchase as many as you desire. The more you purchase, the better chance you have of winning. All proceeds are placed in our general fund to apply to the future reunions. The raffle event and your annual dues suupport our reunions.


Association Meeting

We held our Association meeting on the Saturday morning in our hospitality room. Jim Kulp gave an update on our finances. We carried over $2,030 less from the Charleston reunion and $2,866 for the 2014 Long Beach reunion. As you can see, our balance is being reduced slightly each reunion. We need the funds in our account to pay for items prior to each reunion and for mailings of our ship’s store. Currently our balance is good but it can only survive with the dues our members provide.


Change of Address

We have received back a large number of change of address on our last newsletter. We feel some of these veterans have passed away; however, some have changed addresses. We ask those Association members to update our files on your current address so we can continue to deliver our newsletters. Paul Steele and Jim Kulp are working on keeping our list of active members in the Association. If you know of anyone who would like to join, please provide us with his address and we will send him a newsletter. We hope that any new member will make one of our reunions to reunite with fellow shipmates.


Memory of Fallen Shipmates

We lost a great one in Bob Paulter as we outlined in the opening of this newsletter. We will miss his presence at our future reunions. Also, Dallas Porter RM3 passed away in January of this year. He attended the Charleston reunion and his wife said they were looking forward to other reunions. In addition, we got word of Jerry Dean Bradberry , age 80 yrs old passed away in January. To all, we wish Fair winds and following seas.



We ask all members to contribute $15 donation to the Association to cover costs in providing our newsletter and contributing to the reunions. This is a donation. If you wish to give more, we appreciate your contribution. Please mail all donations to the address listed at the beginning of this newsletter.