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The USS John W. Thomason DD760 was an Allen M. Sumner class United States Navy destroyer. Many of the men who were assigned to destroyers often referred to them as "Tin Cans" and called themselves "Tin Can Sailors".   Destroyers earned the "Tin Can" nickname for more than one reason.   First, during World War II millions of household food "tin cans" were recycled to help build these ships.   Secondly, the hull and armor plate of these ships was very thin, much like a "tin can".   And finally, the ships tended to bob around in the water much as an empty can does floating on a lake.    Thus, destroyers got nick named "Tin Cans".   

The USS John W. Thomason DD760 Association is comprised of the officers and men who served as part of the crew of the USS John W. Thomason DD760 at any time during her naval career (1945 to 1970), as well as the relatives and friends of these men.  The Association provides a conduit for these former shipmates and families to keep in touch with each other, renew old friendships, make new friendships, and keep the history of the ship alive.

Shipmate reunions have been held every two years since 1988.  Our most recent reunion was held at Patriots Point SC, and was an outstanding success.  We try to rotate the locations around the country.  Our next reunion is scheduled for 2018 at San Antonio, TX.  At each reunion we ask for one or more of our shipmates to volunteer to host an upcoming reunion.

Do you have news about yourself, your family, or another shipmate that other USS John W. Thomason DD760 shipmates might be interested in?  If you do, how about sharing it with us? 

Occasionally some shipmates will get together and hold an impromptu "mini" reunion.   We are always eager to hear about "mini" reunions.   So shipmates, if you do hold a "mini" reunion please don't hesitate to share your stories and photos.

Reunion Dates, Locations, and Hosts

Below is a listing of our past national reunions.

September 2016
Patriot's Point
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Host: Reunion Committee

July 2014
Long Beach, California
Host: Bob Soukup

July 2012
South Bend, Indiana
Host: Howard Barrett

September/October, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah
Host: Paul Steele

May/June, 2008
Baton Rouge, Lousiana
Host: Oscar Boudreaux

September, 2006
Dearborn, Michigan
Hosts: Steve Petryk and
Robert Harris

May, 2004
St. Louis, Missouri
Host: Robert Pautler

October, 2002
Davenport, Iowa
Host: Gary L. Ruwe

October, 2000
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Host: Robert Ahrendt

March, 1998
Las Vegas, Nevada
Host: Rex Muse

May, 1996
Fairview Heights, Illinois
Hosts: Robert Pautler and
Lawrence Morris

October, 1994
Branson, Missouri
Host: C.O. Streeter

May, 1992
San Diego , California
Hosts: Richard Schruricht and
John Roberts

August, 1990
Mobile, Alabama
Host: E.G. Andy Anderson

September, 1988
Collinsville, Illinois
Host: Robert Pautler and
Robert Harris (now deceased)